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  • Name: Energy-saving campus energy monitoring system
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Saving energy consumption monitoring and management system USES the advanced field bus control technology and wireless sensor network (WSN), in different regions, can go deep into the building process of energy consumption, all parameters (energy consumption, environmental parameters and lighting condition, etc.) online monitoring;The system special software is used to carry out statistics and analysis of various monitoring data, and generate various reports and violation reports;The system can also monitor the data changes according to the monitoring points to control the energy consumption equipment automatically.This energy-saving monitoring system is a comprehensive solution of large-scale public buildings and campus energy consumption monitoring, energy-saving operation management and automatic control.

To monitor the building energy consumption equipment in real time, and control the operation status of the equipment in real time.

Support multiple protocols, multiple device data acquisition.

It is convenient to analyze the energy consumption by means of accurate data and stereo graphics.

The system statistics provide a basis for energy conservation reform.

To curb the consumption of electricity consumption by prepaid management.

To encourage advanced and backward by statistical data, the envoy can work quantified.

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