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  • Name: The integrated intelligent system of heat supply measurement and temperature control
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1. System introduction

Shandong heating intelligent measurement and control integration system is to make science and technology co., LTD. According to the current direction of energy saving and emission reduction, comprehensive government departments, heating enterprises, residential users, aspects of requirements of engineering practice, with energy saving, consumption reduction, section design as the starting point, with heat metering system, data analysis system, charge management, web publishing, remote control of five subsystems, tailored for heating enterprises, complete heat meter data, user information at room temperature, state of control valve and other data of remote concentrated, statistical analysis and alarm management;Realize the complex rate setting, billing and refund management, and can notify the user of the arrears.To carry out household residents user independent temperature control, temperature control and heating enterprise household remote control in different time periods, to achieve "the heating enterprise controllable, adjustable residential users, government departments can tube" digital remote monitoring requirements.

2. System design significance, advantages and advancement

1) the heating enterprise can be controlled, and the consumption and energy saving shall be realized

The main station server is preferred to the thermostat and the remote control valve is broken

Prepaid control for hot users [reminder of arrears, arrears]

It controls the waste of hot users

Special situation load peak control

Authorized user can network remote valve

2) residents can adjust and achieve comfortable and festival fees

The temperature controller is used to measure room temperature and set room temperature

Weekly cycle, 6 times a day, visual programming room temperature, active energy saving

U + / - 1 ℃ precise temperature adjustment, comfortable and beautiful

The room temperature measurement point can be selected, the bedroom temperature adjustable, the valve state is visible

The surface panel of the user with heat and heat balance is displayed, transparent consumption

The competent department can manage and build a harmonious society

To monitor the room temperature in real time, pay attention to the life of the people and evaluate the quality of heating

Report data automatically generated, paperless office, visual management









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