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Notice - notification of the company's new logo

Number of visits: Date:2017-07-22

Dear family members, regional market customers and partners:

According to the company's development needs, to enhance the company's brand personalized recognition and communication force, further enhance the company

As a whole brand image, our company has decided to make the following adjustments to the LOGO of the company:

The original logo

The new logo


LETRUE is a combination of Chinese and English names that meet the needs of the current Internet age.LETRUE homophonic with LichuangLet's take the word "let" and "be true"Let / v. 允许;让 Be true / 系表结构. 真实的;精确的)。The implication is to make the measurement accurate, do the right thing, make the matter do the right thing, in line with the strength of the data before the decision to save energy starts from the measurement of the brand concept.

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