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The evaluation of water conservancy advanced practical technology will be held in Beijing

Number of visits: Date:2017-06-25

Company based on Internet of a new type of ultrasonic flowmeter, water-saving irrigation, water and electricity double meter controller (LCSK) and create hydropower the smart irrigation control platform 3 product, after the company full efforts, has been developed, and measuring instruments production license, qualification, such as section water attestation has been successfully used in places such as shandong, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia.

On June 25, 2016, the water conservancy advanced practical technology evaluation of 3 products will be held in the technical promotion center of water resources department. Organized by the ministry of water resources science and technology promotion center, the ministry of water resources department Feng Guangzhi director, director of the ministry of water resources, irrigation in the flat, China institute of water resources and hydropower research institute of water conservancy qun-chang liu, a professor at China agricultural university Li Yunkai associate dean of the department of civil and hydraulic engineering, irrigation and drainage development center of China water saving irrigation area, deputy director of the Gu Tao, ministry of water resources, water resources management center, deputy director of professor Andrew chan and shandong agricultural university xue-dong song took part in the evaluation.

Experts attending the meeting to give highly of company and products, and products in the domestic leading level, has the huge promotion value, advice on national comprehensive promotion, also want to continue to make efforts, for our country agricultural water price reform, monitoring of water resources, the development of water saving irrigation and other water-saving provide strong technical support!



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