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Vines came from the ancient
Purple bouquets open, distributed Qinren fragrance
Long in the mountains and forests, cliffs, brave risks, Baotuan cluster
Perseverance, and occasion for, endless, persistent upward
The rattan is a symbol of the spirit, the faith of the soul, the accumulation of culture
"Rattan culture," the courage to climb, homeopathy and the wisdom of life and "force a" spirit temperament coincide, forged indissoluble bound
A history of innovation, is to create a "rattan culture," the evolution of the history of the formation of a rapid climb, the rapid expansion of the brand culture of history

The Core Connotation of:

Tenacity, synergy, green growth

Tough up: do not give up, do not fear difficult; Japanese precision, the new day
Synergies: together, the same boat economy; words must line, line will fruit
Green growth: business way, sustainable; mention of heart, a win-win situation

Vision:Become an outstanding the most growth of the high-tech enterprises

mission:The pursuit of all employees and partners of both material and spiritual well-being, and promote the development of the industry and promote social progress

Values:Achieve customer rigorous sophisticated sincere Thanksgiving optimistic sharing

Achievements: customers are the only reason we exist, the achievements of customers is to achieve their own
Rigorous sophisticated: strict caution, the pursuit of perfection; specific progress, the better
Integrity Thanksgiving: within the heart in the heart, the letter in the line; respect for mutual assistance, gratitude gratitude
Optimistic sharing: confidence in a firm, positive; share wisdom, sharing results

Brand Positioning:Energy measurement and intelligent management experts; so that more accurate measurement, so that more energy-saving wisdom