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Shandong Li Chuang Technology Co., Ltd.

National Customer Service Hotline:+0086-400--0334456

Sales phone:+0086-634-6251390

Technical Support:+0086-634-6257809
Sales fax:+0086-634-6251399
Address: No. 9, Fenghuang Road, Laiwu High-tech Zone, Shandong Province(271100)
E-Mail: market@sdlckj.com  
Remittance information: 
Banks:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch of Laiwu Branch account number:1617 0102 0902 4959 548
Banks:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Laiwu Branch West Branch account number:1617 0222 1920 0001 289
VAT invoice billing information
name:Shandong Li Chong Technology Co., Ltd.
Tax Identification Number:913712007306711053
Address Telephone:No. 009, Fenghuang Road, High - tech Development Zone, Laiwu +0086-634-6251395
Bank and account number:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Laiwu Branch1617010209024959548
Heat meter sales:+0086-634—6257810/1
Beijing Office:+0086-010-62520857 / +0086-010 - 62520870
office address:Building 3, Haojing Jiayuan, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing (Zip code:100086)
Liaohe Oilfield:
Contacts:Deng Yingchang 
contact number:+0086-13904274910

Human Resources: +0086-634-6257821

Purchasing Department: +0086-634-6257803