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  Founded in August 2001, Shandong Lichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of energy metering and energy-saving control products. It is in the leading position in the field of electric measurement and control and heat metering. The company insists on scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of the enterprise. After more than ten years, the company has formed four series of products: integrated circuit, electric measurement and control, heat metering and intelligent electrician. The products of the company have been successfully applied in Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal Building, Beijing Olympic Bird Nest and National Information Center, Jinan Park Boyuan Science and Technology Museum, Liaoning Province, large-scale public building energy monitoring system, telecommunications mobile base station energy consumption testing project, Taiwan enterprises Foxconn global production line energy consumption testing projects and other major national and industry projects.
  The company has gradually formed in the technology and results, talent, capital, facilities, marketing and other aspects of reserves and accumulation. The company through the QEO (quality, environment, occupational health and safety) three system certification, has a post-doctoral research station, the provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial electricity monitoring and control engineering technology research center, provincial instrumentation dedicated chip engineering laboratory, Heat metering and temperature control integrated engineering technology research center, the provincial embedded system service platform and the Sino-US cooperation in integrated circuit research center and other national and provincial scientific research platform. Up to now, the company has undertaken national innovation fund, the national international scientific and technological cooperation and other countries and above the provincial level scientific research and industrialization projects more than 35, won the provincial science and Technology Progress Award 8, with more than 60 independent intellectual property rights. Company ultrasonic heat meters, large-scale public building energy consumption analysis and automatic control systems, heating metering and temperature control integration intelligent system has included housing and urban and rural construction of the national construction industry to promote scientific and technological achievements directory. In 2007 the company focused on the adjustment of development strategy: to rely on electronic products, board-level design experience into the field of microelectronics - integrated chip research and development. Has invested more than 5,000 million to start the digital instrumentation SOC chip series of research and development projects, there are seven chip products through the Office of the Provincial Science and Technology Organization of the results of identification, an international leading level, 3 reached the international advanced level, including ultrasonic measurement chip, Breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, alternative imports, prompting a substantial decline in the price of imported chips, highlighting the independent innovation support the development of national industry, an important value. In order to improve the performance of China's instrumentation, our company and the British ARM, Taiwan Yi Jie companies, joint research and development of high-end 32-bit microprocessor chip. This product will represent the field of general-purpose instrument CPU development direction in recent years will quickly replace the 8-bit and 16-bit CPU to become the mainstream of such markets. This is my company after careful consideration of a major decision, marking the company towards high-performance, international standards of integrated circuit research and development direction.
  The company has implemented one, two, three production scale expansion project, built 60,000 square meters of modern electronic products production workshop, equipment, automated production line 35, automatic detection line 28, the chip test line 6, to achieve the human machine, machine Automated production processes. The introduction of Japanese-style production management and operation mode, establish and improve the quality control system, with an annual output of 1 million sets of heat metering products, 2.5 million electronic monitoring / intelligent electrical products to protect the service supply capacity。
  The company focuses on building up the concept of rattan culture with tenacity, synergy and green growth, and further carries forward the enterprise culture connotation of "developing enterprises and happy staffs", adhering to the principle of "relying on high technology, creating perfect image, In the production of excellence, "the quality, and strive to complete the" force of a chip technology to enable energy measurement of digital, energy-saving control of the intelligent "business mission.
  Standing at the new starting point of development,  Lichuang will firmly establish the strategic decision of "gathering talents, re-innovation, tree brand and great development", firmly grasp the policy opportunities of energy saving and emission reduction, and strategic development of energy measurement and energy saving control The main line, through the chip research and development and application of innovation to create the core competitiveness of Jiangbei to create the largest energy-saving measurement instrumentation industrial base and the country's largest heat meter production enterprises. The company has started the operation of listed companies, for an early listing, to promote the cause of a better and faster development!