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1993: the predecessor of a science and technology - Laiwu City Science and Technology Development Center Technology Development Department was established, 3;
2001: Laiwu Li Chong Technology Co., Ltd. was established through the ISO9001 quality management system certification;
The successful launch of the company's first electric measuring class flagship product: EDA9033 intelligent electrical parameter acquisition and transmission module;

2002: Undertaking the "National SME Innovation Fund", "National Torch Plan", "National Key New Product" three major projects,

Significantly enhance the company's research and innovation capabilities; company officially changed its name to a Shandong Science and Technology Co.,

2003: the relocation of high-tech zones in Laiwu City, Phoenix Road 009, a force of new technology plant;
Shandong Province Science and Technology Commission was identified as "provincial high-tech enterprises";
2004: the implementation of the Group of the development strategy, the establishment of the first branch - a Dongping of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;
Promote the industrial development of the electric measurement product line;
2005: the Ministry of Science and Technology was identified as "state-level key high-tech enterprises";
Group of strategic development, the establishment of Beijing Oute Mu Technology Co., Ltd., Dongping of a pawn Limited;
Start heat metering line development, introduced the first mechanical calorimeter;

2006: The new implementation of the electric measurement industry line expansion strategy: R & D launched EX8 +, 9133 series power monitor, GDB series power transmitter,

EDA90 series of industrial control module, FTU distribution network automation terminal products to support the market;

2007: Scientific positioning R & D direction: to enter the core technology of integrated circuit chip design, master high-end technology, fundamental to enhance the enterprise core

Competitiveness; electric products successfully won the bid "Capital International Airport Terminal 3 electricity monitoring system" national key projects;

2008: R & D strategy to promote the establishment of the core of a win in Shandong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd., started a series of SOC chip products R & D projects;
Electric products successfully won the bid "Olympic Bird 's Nest News Center electricity monitoring" national key projects;
2009: IC chip research and development projects to achieve a major breakthrough;
Analog front-end chip and frequency double Kam-chip products through the provincial science and technology identification, technology reached the international advanced level;
Commitment to the National SME Innovation Fund, Shandong Province, independent innovation projects and other major projects;
Heat metering line expansion, the successful launch: hot set copy system, ultrasonic transducer, platinum resistance sensor, the base table and other product lines;
A force electrician industrial line development, the successful launch of: measuring inserted row, transfer-metering socket, wall metering socket products;
2010: innovation to lead the development and take the road of international cooperation, start 32-bit micro-controller SOC chip research;
Ultrasonic flow chip, the international advanced level of technology to break the monopoly of foreign countries, significantly enhance the competitiveness of national enterprises;
Planning and construction of 10,000 square meters of modern dust - free workshop;
Planning the development of the company five-year strategic development program, put forward the end of the second five-year output value of 1 billion yuan goal.
2011: Shandong Li Chong Technology Co., Ltd. was established 10 years;
"Force Year to sail voyage" celebration of the General Assembly at the Phoenix Theater;
The company's commitment to the transformation of independent innovation in Shandong Province major projects successfully passed the acceptance.

2012: 5 million square meters, 30 million capacity of electronic workshop on July 7 officially put into use, a Laiwu High-tech Zone project construction "new speed, the new benchmark";
Company independent research and development of ultrasonic heat meters, large-scale public building energy consumption analysis and automatic control system, heating metering and temperature control integration intelligence
The system has included in the Ministry of Construction of housing and urban construction industry promotion of scientific and technological achievements directory;
The company won the 2012 provincial independent innovation special fund support, accelerate the project serialization product research and development process;
Company in the original two-level qualification on the basis of electronic engineering, access to building intelligent engineering contracting three additional qualifications.

2013: the company successfully co-organized "China Association of Metering Working Committee of the second session of the first session of the General Assembly and heating metering technology exchange";
The company successfully passed QEO (quality, environment, occupational health and safety) three system audit;
Independent research and development success of the company "LC9502 micro-power picosecond time difference signal capture and measurement chip" included in the state's key new product planning projects;
32-bit micro-controller and SOC chip, three chips through the provincial scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province identification;
The company was in Shandong Province Development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of the only instrument in Shandong Province dedicated chip engineering laboratory;
Company EDA9033A three-phase electrical parameter acquisition module, EX8 integrated power monitor, LCDG-CP5-010C intelligent power manager three
CE products successfully obtained CE certification for our company to enter the international market laid the foundation.